Giving Your Pet Medication

Dog taking medications

What Is The Best Way To Give My Pet Medication?

Being concerned for your pets health is important and after a trip to the vet it is now time to consider how to give your pet the oral medication prescribed by your vet.

There is no “one size fits all approach” to giving your pet medication, but some people may say this is easy, my pet loves his food and will eat anything..! Well there is the answer, if your pet will eat anything then just offer the tablet like a treat, or if the medication is of a liquid form, then just put in the food bowl.

Not all pets are as accommodating when it comes to taking medication, a bit like children really..!

Tablets for your petWhen medication is in tablet form put the tablets in the feed bowl, hopefully your pet will be hungry and not notice the tablet. If the medication is in the form of a liquid, soak some food biscuits, once you pet start eating the the rest is history.

Larger pets for example may eat their food with gusto and this allows you to mix the medication within the food and they are happy to munch their way through the serving. Smaller pets are more difficult, as they tend not to attack their food with gusto. (some would disagree..!)

With smaller pets crush the tablet between a spoon and a hard surface, then put the crushed tablet in the food bowl with the food. With liquid medication try to crush a pet biscuit and mix the medication with the biscuit, then add to the normal food. When your pet licks the bowl clean at the end of their feast all should be well.

Whatever method you use to administer medication to your pet, it can all be a good case of trial and error..!