About Us

We have been delivering first aid training to businesses and individuals in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, London and Kent for many years and all of our training programmes are fully compliant with workplace regulations. We are now in a position to offer either online pet first aid training, or classroom based courses at our training centre in Colchester, or onsite pet first aid training for group bookings throughout Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, London.

Online Training

Pet first aid manual

Our online course is conducted using a video based training system and each video section is conducted using a pet first aid instructor.

The course is easy to follow and after you have completed the simple registration process you will be able to download all course materials associated with training, so that you can use these to follow the course structure and content as you progress through the course.

This course covers subjects which include: pet proofing your home, car accidents, bandaging, CPR, broken bones, drowning and much more.

The course fee for training is £24.95 and this includes all course materials and certification, which can be printed on completion of the course. You can register and start your training by clicking this “Register Now” link, but a full description on course content can be found on our home page.

Classroom Training

We also offer a classroom based pet first aid training course at our training facility in Colchester and we run regular open courses each month. This pet first aid course will provide you with all the necessary information, skills and confidence to stabilise an injured or sick animal until there is veterinary help for your pet.

Our Course is run by experience instructors who have their own pets and deliver their training in a fun, relaxed and friendly atmosphere with both a canine CPR manikin and a Labrador model which is used for bandage practice.

We also offer onsite pet first aid training in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, London and Kent for group bookings and we will bring all the necessary training equipment to conduct your first aid for pets training onsite at a time that is convenient to you. For additional information regarding our classroom based pet first aid training courses please see our website: Pet First Aid Essex.

For any additional information that you may require please contact us on 0845 643 6524 during office hours, or please email us through our contact us page.